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Halloween in Colombia

Teaching English in Colombia: Halloween Did you know that Halloween is celebrated in Colombia? It’s a big time celebration. Adults and children alike dress up in attires and even out. Works in many offices, banks, supermarkets and the retail store also wear a simple costume, look decorate or special makeup.” Why do Colombians celebrate Halloween”… Read More »

Why & How to Invest in Colombia

Why Invest in Colombia? Thanks to the overall expansion of the economy in The countries of Latin America and a lessening breach in social inequality, investing in Colombia has become very attractive to international investors over the recent years. To add to this phenomenon of investor confidence, Colombia has improved its public image since it… Read More »

Mining In Chile- The Pros And Cons

On 13 th. October 2010, the last of 33 miners caught by an accident at the San Jose copper-gold mine near Copiapo, Chile was winched to refuge. He had been at a breadth of 2,300 feet below ground level. He had invested 69 dates trapped underground with his attendants after a jibe crumbled at the… Read More »

Visas for Chile

It is relatively easy to obtain a visa for Chile to suit various purposes of an immigrant’s stay. For instance, to obtain a residency visa and work permit, all you need is a work contract from just about any local company, and you are entitled to what is called a “sujeta a contrato” visa. After… Read More »

10 Best Places to Visit in Brazil Part2

Olinda One of Brazil’s best-protected frontier urban areas, Olinda is situated on Atlantic Coast in the northeastern condition of Pernambuco. Roosted on a beautiful peak encompassed by trees, Olinda’s memorable downtown is a fortune trove of frontier holy places, bright old houses, eateries, historical centers and various artisan studios. Consistently, Olinda has its vivacious Carnival… Read More »

Presenting Mar del Plata

Turn on the TV, anyplace in Argentina, on a mid year morning: you’ll see the sun-soaked shores of Mar del Plata and hear the news analysts’ most recent reports on the temperatures of air and sea. “Mardel” is the exemplary Argentine shoreline goal, 400km down the coast from the capital city. It’s well known with… Read More »

Buenos Aires by bike

Almost completely flat with a network of bike lanes now covering more than 130km, cycling is often the quickest and always the most pleasurable way to get around in Buenos Aires. Cycling around Argentina’s capital, you’ll find yourself part of the city’s greatest charm: the everyday lives of its eccentric residents. Maneuvering on two wheels,… Read More »

Honeymooning in Mexico

Mexico is known for its pristine waters, pure white sand beaches, perfect tropical temperatures, and rich culture. These are the reasons why many people choose to honeymoon in Mexico. Whether you choose a Mexican honeymoon cruise or luxury resort, a Mexican honeymoon can be filled with romance. A growing trend is to plan a Mexican… Read More »