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TripAdvisor started their journey in February 2000. Start their website for helping the visitors choose the best destination for their holiday or vacation. The website is an active forum where a traveler from different countries and different reign across the globe attend and share their experience. It is a perfect place for the travelers as they get an opportunity to hear the real traveler’s practical experience.


It will easily picture the place after hearing about it from others experience. Let’s discuss some more interesting topics about TripAdvisor.

They start their journey having a motto to help the travelers. Stephen Kaufer is the founder of trip advisor, and he is also a passionate traveler. He genuinely understands the need for an active forum where there will be each and everything for assisting the travelers. They have become so much popular within very short time with thousands of active forum members and more thousand as an affiliate.

After watching all the numbers, you can easily say that TripAdvisor is the largest online active forum. It took them very short time for being popular in the whole world. However, still it was a long journey and a great legacy to achieve the goal now that they have become.

Statistics shows us exact math. With more than 60millions members and 170 reviews, you can easily understand how big it is now. Not only were they a travel review site. They are also now associated with 25 travel brands including some well-known brand like a watchdog, cruise critic and much more.

They related to many companies and reviewed those hotels, resort and parks as well. In an interview, the founder told that the main idea was building a site like trip advisors are, give the ordinary people a chance for sharing their journey experience and creates some kinds of the magazine made by the people around the world. Theirs though was their first idea but without expectation, they have grown so much higher in past 12 years as they are nowadays new travel brands.

It is true that they have some dedicated team member. They worked hard and analyzed their audience so well that they have grown this far. They can be a great milestone for the future travel review site. I hope in the next few years they will give the visitors, even more, facility to enjoy. As I genuinely see their innovative mindset, what is very positive for a company?

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